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RUDEVIT Holdings Plc wishes to inform its existing and potential investors of the share price for issuing new securities from the company effective 1st February 2024.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 20th January 2024, members were informed that in line with company policy, the share price will be revised and mandated the Directors to determine the new price effective 1st February 2024.

Accordingly, at the Board meeting held on 29th January 2024, the Board RESOLVED that the new share price for issuing shares from the company is MK7.50 per share effective 1st February 2024.  In arriving at the new share price, the Board considered the business milestones that have been achieved so far, future prospects of the company together with the effects of the devaluation of Malawi kwacha, being the currency in which the shares are issued.

The joining fees for new members remain unchanged at MK20,000.00 for individuals and MK200,000.00 for corporate bodies. The minimum number of shares is 1,000.

RUDEVIT Holdings Plc is a non-listed public company limited by shares. Its securities are a tradable commodity. Anyone willing to transfer shares may do so having identified a buyer and advise the Company Secretary who will advise on the procedures, including the applicable transfer fee. No transfer  may be registered without following the due


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