According to the World Bank, Malawi ranks as one of the world’s poorest countries[1]. With over 80% of her population living in rural areas, economic progress has been elusive because there has been minimal sustainable engagement of the rural sector. For the most part, efforts targeting the rural have been based on the donor/charity model that by its very nature can not be expected to produce sustained economic prosperity.

RUDEVIT was created to correct this problem. Our central belief, based on first-hand knowledge and experience, is that the key to Malawi’s (and indeed Africa’s) economic prosperity lies in finding effective ways to engage the rural population. RUDEVIT proposes a model that applies entrepreneurial discipline to create sustainable entities and institutions that can be counted on to create value for rural populations and investors over the long term. It is only through this approach that the country’s (and ultimately the continent’s) enormous economic potential can be released for the benefit of all.

Our Values

  • Excellence in all we do
  • Ethical in our conduct
  • Respect in our interactions with others
  • Commitment to our Vision
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Accountability to all stakeholders


To lead the nation in creating rural based enterprises that expand economic opportunities for rural populations, fulfill their duties as responsible corporate citizens, deliver value to investors while helping Malawi achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.


To be the most effective, profitable, respected group of companies in Malawi.


RUDEVIT was created by some of the most accomplished Malawians after a lengthy consultative process. They all believe – from experience – that an entrepreneurial, rural based model is the only way to develop Malawi’s economic potential. They are all very motivated and passionate about RUDEVIT, and willing to do what ever it takes to make its vision a reality. With their collective and diversified experiences and talents, they constitute perhaps the most unique that is simply unmatched in Malawi.

Let’s Do It Together

Lets grow together