Rural Economic Independence

The overall focus of RUDEVIT Group is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by Malawi. In particular, RUDEVIT has targeted SDGs 1 and 2 that is reducing poverty and attainment of zero hunger, respectively

Our Areas of Interest






Health Care



RUDEVIT development objectives

  • To commercially carry out investments in the various sectors of the Malawi economy with the ultimate objective of exploiting the wealth potential of the rural areas that will lead to the establishment of markets, industries and linkages that will create sustainable value chains.
  • To support commercially viable investments in the public and private sectors of the economy to consolidate and promote growth, productivity, employment, wealth creation and broad-based economic development of Malawi.
  • To invest in a development finance entity or an investment fund as the case may be that will raise capital to finance viable investments established under it with a view to sustainably deliver on its investment mandate.

Our Approach

Business Discipline

Applying a disciplined, business approach on all our projects;


To be ethical, respectful and accountable in our efforts to realize our vision.

Top Talent Attraction

Attract top Malawian talent, local-based or in the diaspora, to ensure success


Attract financial and technical partners locally and internationally

Diversified Portfolio

To pursue diversified portfolio model

Rural Based Economy

RUDEVIT is here to improve peoples’ lives by exploiting rural wealth potential.

a reputable real sector group is what we are creating!

RUDEVIT, Spearheading innovative rural economic development in Malawi

               Chitukuto cha kumudzi. Kutukula madela a kumudzi.    

                  Katswiri wa chitukuko Mmalawi. Nkhwantha za chitukuko mu Malawi

A Passion For


RUDEVIT is the widest and the most diversified investment collection vehicle pulling like minds in philanthropy and investment